Welcome to ‘the earth beneath me’ blog. Through this blog, I would like to share stories of my experiences while travelling, my take on how to stay positive during those less than ‘sunny’ days as well as beauty and money saving tips. I will also be asking friends to share their stories that I have drawn inspiration from.

You’re probably wondering what the meaning behind the blog title is. For this I have to thank my dear friend Sara I met in Peru. She had taken a year off teaching Norwegian primary school children to live in her native Peru. On one of our long walks (which was usually after eating a delicious meal or cake!) we were talking about men…naturally. Both single, we were discussing the ever so universal topic of ‘why can’t I meet a decent guy?!’ Sara shared with me a Cuban saying that defines their approach to love but also life…

“No one is better than me, only the earth beneath me and I’m standing on it!”

As it happens, I like to take note of inspirational quotes or sayings and share these with friends, particularly when dealing with ‘first world problems’ which I would like to share in this blog.  This one I have decided will be my new motto and I will try to make every decision with this in the back of my mind. So thank you to Sara and the confident Cubans for helping me realise that no one is better than me….

(A note on the featured pictures: these have been taken by myself or by more talented picture taking friends)

Sara is on a mission to “paint, play music and discover amazing people and places” Check out her blog to see her adventures and useful travel tips: http://paintplayandtravel.com/

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I’m a 30 something year old London based Business Management graduate who in July 2016 completed 10 years of working ‘in the city’ of London, which for me felt like endless hours in the corporate world living for the next holiday. I finally decided to take a break from work and the stress of promotions (or lack thereof), performance reviews, clients, deadlines, and focus on…well me!

During those three months I taught English in Peru, made some wonderful new friends, learnt Basic level Spanish, cooked and made time for friends and family, rediscovered my love of reading and writing, was a tourist in my hometown and most importanly got the spring back in my step and realised how many things I should be grateful for.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog which I had been intending to start for years. Please write to me if you have any comments or suggestion. I would be happy to hear from you.

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